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Dr. José Luis Lezama
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sábado, 3 de junio de 2017

A Planet without Trump

A Planet Without Trump

José Luis Lezama

President Trump's attempts to "soften" nations and world leaders through terror and threat are increasingly vain and inoperative. The reactions of the international community are overwhelming. Germany, France and Italy sent a message of disapproval and political independence that is unprecedented. The leaders of the European Union had President Trump put his feet on the ground, pointing out that the Paris Accords will not be modified at his whim.

The departure of the United States has generated a double sensation worldwide. The first is that the rest of the world alone can take on the challenges and cost of fighting, which is considered the greatest threat to the system of life: global warming.

Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor of New York and current United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, said Friday that a large group of cities, states and corporations will comply with the agreements, regardless of what the president decides, and that through its philanthropic activity will provide to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, about $ 15 million, which will surely withdraw the United States.

The second world sensation generated by the abandonment of the Agreements is to feel alone, in a task that requires the cooperation of all the nations of the world; A feeling that does not fail to reveal a certain magical feeling, as if waiting for some miracle: And now who can save us ?, which agrees well with another collective illusion, historically widespread in the Western world: that the United States is the guardian and Savior of all the great values ​​and achievements of Western civilization.

It seems that the world is waiting for a replacement, now that President Trump leaves Paris to his fate, noting that China and the European Union are the most suitable to replace American leadership.
China and the European Union are responsible for 34.2 percent of global carbon emissions, so any potential joint actions they take may have a major impact on global public morale and a political-psychological effect that generates hope.

The China-EU summit which ended last Friday in Brussels could not conclude in a joint formal environmental agreement due to unresolved trade disputes. Both blocks insisted on their commitments to the Paris Accords, and offered to continue with the plan proposed in 2009 to integrate a $ 100 billion fund by 2020 to help poor countries cope with the consequences and challenges of climate change.

At this moment nothing is assured regarding the real commitments of the countries of the world with the planetary climate. Trade disputes, competition for markets, consumers and natural resources continue to be the main source of conflicts and disagreements on climate. For this reason, more effective than hope in a 'savior', the most important thing is, on the one hand, the individual and collective concrete actions in favor of the planet, lower levels of energy consumption in general and any particular natural resource and,
On the other, the need to develop, and grow, a true environmental citizen conscience in the world, especially Mexico, to demand that governments comply with environmental agreements, such as those of Paris in 2015, and this will only be achieved with the creation of true institutions that substitute the democratic simulation and the great machinery of corruption on which they operate diverse countries of the world, as it happens in Mexico.

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